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Homework: Thursday 3/12/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Lesson 30 TEST tomorrow! Please study!
WRITING: Close Reader:  Finish reading pages 85-88. DO #5, 6, 7, 8.
READING: The Giver:  Read Chapter 14

Homework: Wednesday 3/11/20

WRITING: CLOSE READER:  Page 82: Read poem; do #1 and the Short Response (not #2)
READING: The Giver: Read Chapter 13

Homework: Tuesday 3/10/20

RHR VOCABULARY:  Please study words every day!
WRITING: CLOSE READER:  Pages 80-81: Do all responses/prompts on both pages
READING: The Giver:  Read Chapter 12

Homework: Monday 3/9/20

RHR VOCABULARY:  Lesson 30 Worksheet, page 94
WRITING: CLOSE READER:    Finish "The Whistle," pages 72-78; as you read, respond to the questions and directions on each page, except for #8. Also, you do NOT need to do #12 on page 78.
THE GIVER:  Read Chapter 11. Notice the italicized words in the chapter...these are terms Jonas has had no concept of before this! Pay attention to the "reasons" the Receiver gives for why these terms and objects are no longer needed or used in the community.

Homework: Thursday 3/5/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Study for tomorrow's test
Reading: The Giver:  Read Chapter 10

Homework: Wednesday 3/4/20

RHR Vocabulary: Lesson 29: Write the Word/POS/Definition. Be sure you are studying each day!
Reading: The Giver:  Read Chapter 9; be sure you read carefully!
Poetry:   They are not due yet, but you should be nearly finished with your final draft of the "Pets" and the "Bio" poems.

Homework: Tuesday 3/4/20

Grammar:  Worksheet page 84
Writing: Poetry: Write your "Bio" and your "Pet" poems. The "Bio" poem should be written on the handout template given in class today. The "Pet" poem can be hand-written or typed (be sure it is printed before your class begins tomorrow.) BE SURE you are following the guidelines!!
Reading: The Giver: Read Chapter 8.

Homework: Wednesday 2/26/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Use at least 6 of your Lesson 28 words in a short narrative, using the words correctly.
The Giver:  Reach Chapter 5.
Performance Assessment:  Do page 96; be sure to use complete answers and give citations.
NOTE: End of Trimester is this Friday. I have talked with many of you about missing assignments which are lowering your grades. Most important is the COL essay....there are still quite a few of you who did not turn it in :(  It is worth 50 points!

Homework: Monday 2/24/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Do the Worksheet for Lesson 28
Performance Assessment:  Write a response to the "Close Read" question on page 94. Be sure to give citations in your response.
The Giver:  Read Chapter 4. There will be a quiz on this chapter on Wednesday.
SENTENCE TYPE TEST on WEDNESDAY! Be sure to review the Worksheets.

Homework: Thursday 2/20/20

RHR Vocabulary:    Study for tomorrow's test!
Writing: Finish your Simile/Metaphor/Personification Poster. Be sure to follow the guidelines!
Reading: The Giver: Read chapter 3. Be sure you are reading carefully, since you have a quiz on each chapter.
NEXT WEDNESDAY: Test on Sentence Types. Review the worksheets that we have done in class.

Homework: Wednesday 2/19/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Write the Word/POS/Definition for Lesson 27
Reading:  The Giver:  Read Chapter 2; you don't need to annotate, but there will be a quiz on the chapter tomorrow.

Homework: Tuesday 2/18/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Do the Lesson 27 Worksheet
Writing:  Be SURE you are prepared to type your COL essay in Computer Lab tomorrow. You should have a rough draft and/or notes from last Wednesday's Computer class and any additional work you have done. BE SURE to keep your focus on the handout prompts. This is NOT an "academic" style essay, but one that is written with a more "personal/opinion" voice.
Reading:  Read Chapter 1 of The Giver. You do NOT need to annotate, but there will be a quiz on the chapter; be sure you know the characters named, and any interesting customs that the people in the chapter have.

Homework: Thursday 2/13/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Use at least 5 of your Lesson 26 words in a brief paragraph narrative OR a poem with a Valentine theme. It is fine to be humorous, tragic, long as it is appropriate!
COL Essay:  The essay started in the Computer Lab yesterday is being written in preparation for your Celebration of Learning interview. You should already have your subject chosen, and hopefully you were able to get your essay started. We will be working on the essays again next Wednesday in Computer, and they will be due at the end of class. You should spend time between now and Wednesday making notes and/or working on your essay so that it can be completed in one Computer Lab period.

Homework: Tuesday 2/11/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Do the Worksheet for Lesson 26, page 86
Writing:  Poetry: Finish your "Alphabet" poem  AND your "Walk" poem. These should be typed and printed; if you need to print, come in before school, at break, or at lunch break. You will be turning the poems in during class (they should go in your folders). If you have already turned in either or both, they should be in your folders.
Reading: Performance Assessment:  Read pages 89-90. Do the "Close Read" at the bottom of page 90. REMEMBER: Instead of using lines 1-10, you should be using lines 1-13 for your response. Be sure to respond to both parts of the question: "How...?" AND "Cite specific evidence..."