Student Registration Requirements
Along with the completed Student Registration Packet below, the following items
must be brought with you when registering your child:
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Immunization Record
  3. Copy of last report card
  4. Three proofs of physical address as explained on the Proof of Residency form below

Independent study is an alternative education program which offers the flexibility to meet individual student needs, interests, and styles of learning. Independent study is not an alternative curriculum and independent study students are expected to meet the same educational objectives as all other students.  The district's Core Curriculum is aligned to grade level standards and state content standards.


If you have decided you would like to enroll your child in Vallecito Independent Study, you can begin the enrollment process by completing the Independent Study Request form below and returning the form to the principal at your home school.  Following that contact, the principal may set up a parent conference if you have not already met to go over the program and sign the request form.  The request form will then be sent to the district office and on to the Independent Study teacher.  The Independent Study Teacher will contact you to go over the program, complete an independent study master agreement, introduce you to the curriculum and materials, and loan you a technology device, if needed. 


To learn more about the process, please contact Cheryl at the District Office at 209-795-8503.

In order to assure the District continues to serve students that reside within the district boundaries, residency verification documents will be requested as your child(ren) enters 3rd and 6th grades.  Proof of Residency and Declaration forms must be submitted prior to the start of school.  If this requirement is applicable to your family, please click on the Proof of Residency and Residency Declaration forms above and submit to your School Site Secretary.
Student Transfer Applications 
In order for your child to be considered for a transfer between VUSD school sites or to another school district, please complete the appropriate application below and return to the Vallecito District Office at:
Vallecito Union School District
Attn:  Cheryl Boyd
PO Box 329
Avery, CA  95224
If you are requesting a transfer to the Vallecito Union School District, you must first file an Interdistrict Attendance form with your district of residence.  Your district of residence will send the application to our district for review and determination.
You may contact Cheryl with any questions regarding the transfer process at 209-795-8503 or [email protected]
Intradistrict (transfer between VUSD school sites)
          BP 5116.1 / AR 5116.1    
     (student wishing to transfer from VUSD to another school district)
          BP 5117 / AR 5117