2021-22 Independent Study Notification for Vallecito Union School District

August 19, 2021

Dear Vallecito Union School District Families,

Vallecito Union School District recognizes that some students cannot return to the classroom due to medical necessity, and they need an Independent Study program that will meet their educational needs.

Specific to special education, Ed Code 51745.5(c), an individual with exceptional needs shall not participate in independent study, unless the pupil’s individualized education plan specifically provides for that participation.

Students enrolled in TK - 8th grades will be offered an Inter-District transfer to a neighboring district that is offering an Independent Studies (off-campus) option.  Vallecito Union School District currently has an agreement with Calaveras Unified School District and Mark Twain Union Elementary District to offer an Independent Study Program.  Please see the information below on how to pursue this option.

Families of VUSD students who would like an Independent Studies (off-campus) option will contact Cheryl Boyd at the District office (209)795-8503.

The following information will be requested in making a referral on your behalf to CUSD’s Independent Study Program:

  •      Parent/Guardian First and Last Name
  •      Parent/Guardian Contact Information (Phone and email)
  •      Student(s) First and Last Name
  •      Student(s) current school
  •      Student(s) current grade

Families will also be guided to complete an Inter-District transfer application through the district office as part of this process.

Upon the request of the parent/guardian of a student, before making a decision about enrolling or disenrolling in Independent Study and entering into a written agreement to do so, the district shall conduct a telephone, videoconference, or in-person student-parent-educator conference or other meeting during which the student, parent/guardian, or their advocate may ask questions about the educational options, including which curriculum offerings and nonacademic supports will be available to the student in independent study.  (Education Code 51747). 


Tom Hoskins


Student Registration Requirements
Along with the completed Student Registration Packet below, the following items
must be brought with you when registering your child:
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Immunization Record
  3. Copy of last report card
  4. Three proofs of physical address as explained on the Proof of Residency form below
In order to assure the District continues to serve students that reside within the district boundaries, residency verification documents will be requested as your child(ren) enters 3rd and 6th grades.  Proof of Residency and Declaration forms must be submitted prior to the start of school.  If this requirement is applicable to your family, please click on the Proof of Residency and Residency Declaration forms above and submit to your School Site Secretary.
Student Transfer Applications 
In order for your child to be considered for a transfer between VUSD school sites or to another school district, please complete the appropriate application below and return to the Vallecito District Office at:
Vallecito Union School District
Attn:  Cheryl Boyd
PO Box 329
Avery, CA  95224
If you are requesting a transfer to the Vallecito Union School District, you must first file an Interdistrict Attendance form with your district of residence.  Your district of residence will send the application to our district for review and determination.
You may contact Cheryl with any questions regarding the transfer process at 209-795-8503 or
Intradistrict (transfer between VUSD school sites)
          BP 5116.1 / AR 5116.1    
     (student wishing to transfer from VUSD to another school district)
          BP 5117 / AR 5117