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Student Programs

Here are some of the programs available to VUSD students:

Elementary Schools


All students receive at least one session of art taught by local artists. Art classes range from water color to ceramics.

Classroom Buddies

Upper-grade classes meet with lower grades for buddy activities. 
buddy class  buddy class  buddy class


Students apply and are chosen for leadership squads. Students learn leadership skills and engage with fellow students.

Library Program & Book Give Away

All students are assigned weekly library time and every student receives a free book to keep.

HFE student in school library looking at books  HFE student in school library looking at books

Lunch Buddies

Students working on social skills meet at lunch in a group with the school counselor or family specialist.

Makers Space & STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) 

Students have the opportunity to create, build, and work on STEM activities during recess.

Science Fair & Math Bowl

Fourth and fifth-grade students participate in the school science fair. The science fair helps students understand and use the scientific method.

Shining Stars

Shining Stars is a group run by the school counselor to help assist younger children in working with their emotions.

Ski Trips

Students get the opportunity to ski/snowboard four times per year and receive lessons from ski instructors. 

students with ski program  students with ski program

Avery Middle School

Academic Support

Students have the opportunity to visit classrooms before school between 8:00-8:45 am for academic assistance (often 1:1 support) from their teachers.

Club Live

Calaveras County Office Of Education sponsors a lunch time group focused on Social-Emotional Learning needs such as peer interactions, conflict resolution, bullying concerns, tobacco use prevention education, social media concern, and other student-based issues.

Study Skills Elective

An 8th-period elective program designed to help increase student achievement through support in completing missing assignments, organization assistance, and positive encouragement. 

student look through microscope  student doing biology project  Student holding up craft project