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Welcome to the VUSD Athletics page!

Our athletic program aspires to train “Student-Athletes” in individual and team skills. The goals of the athletic program are building self-confidence, self-worth, sportsmanship, and a spirit of cooperation through teamwork. Even though winning is a desired end of competitive sports, winning should not take precedence over the goals listed above.

Over a season, each student-athlete on a team should have had an opportunity to improve their skills through organized practice. All eligible, “qualified” student-athletes should have the opportunity to participate in both practice and competitive games.

Sports Available at VUSD

  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Track
  • Volleyball
   cross country team  students playing basketball

Eligibility Requirements

  • Earn and maintain a minimum 2.0 or “C” grade average with no “F” grades during the respective grading period

  • Student-athletes must be eligible on the first day of tryouts. Any “F” grades during the most recent grading period will eliminate student-athletes from eligibility.

The student-athlete must attend a minimum of 3 full academic periods on the day of the extracurricular event to be eligible for the event.

  • Student-athletes must demonstrate exemplary behavior. Inappropriate behavior will result in consequences impacting participation.

  • Possible behavioral infractions and their consequences:

    • Suspensions

      • 5+ Days = Removal from the team

      • 2 - 4 Days = 1 week suspension from the team

      • 1 Day = 1 game suspension from team

    • Detention or disciplinary referral = loss of playing time based on coach’s decision