Henri's 7/8 Science

Welcome to 2020-2021
My name is Buffy Henrickson. This is what I do here at Avery:
  • 8th Physical Science 
  • 7th Life Science
  • 8th period Art elective
  • coach 7/8 track
  • coordinate 7/8 ski program
  • member of the district Curriculum & Instruction committee


7th Grade: April 13-17

Online learners:
Most of your work this week will be watching the screen recording lessons I made AND the DNA video I posted as a link on GClassroom. Also, review Quizlet one more time! There will be a Quiz on all this material Wednesday - this will be assigned through GClassroom.
Paper learners: please read. study and complete the small packet I left for you. NOTE: the last page is a QUIZ - it is not open note!!

8th Grade April 13-17

Online learners: Do the Nearpod lesson for Ch 12.2 first, then the GForms (DRA) after that. There will also be a Quizlet - I will send out a message when Quizlet is ready.
Paper learners: Read and do DRA worksheets. Start with Ch 12.2 and do 12.1 next. IF YOU HAVE A COMPUTER AND WOULD PREFER, try out the Nearpod lesson - you may really like it and it will score itself immediately in my GClassroom. : )  
Remember these assignments are due on Friday.

8th & 7th Graders - Join my Google Classroom!!

Hey everyone - this old dog is trying to learn new tricks! Please join my new Google Classroom.....
8th Graders
Period 1: class code: zpadc2x
Period 3: Class code vejvopo
Period 6: Class code ynq6v3s
7th Graders
Period 2: Class code pnyxmam
Period 4: Class code bl4e4cx
Period 7: Class code gq2lzyb



8th graders:
TEST prep! Do Wave Practice worksheet & calculating wave velocity worksheet. THURS: wave test AND binder graded
7th graders:
TEST prep! Do Quizlet vocab worksheet AND "Dimples" Punnett Square practice worksheet. THURS: genetic test AND binder graded.

Earth Sky website:
ScienceWorld Magazine