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About Mrs. Woolworth

Welcome to the 2019-2020 School year!
My name is Linda Woolworth, and I am the 8th grade English/Language Arts teacher at AMS. I am looking forward to this new year!  GO GRAMMAR!! HOORAY FOR ESSAYS!
I was raised here in Calaveras County, and was blessed to grow up in the tiny town of Camp Connell. I attended Hazel Fischer Elementary School - in the OLD school building  - and a wonderful memory from my 8th grade year is the Canoeing elective many of my classmates and I enjoyed in the spring at White Pines Lake! (now that's a nice elective idea!!)
My three siblings and I graduated from Bret Harte High; so did both of my parents back in the 1950's, when there was only one large two-story building where the theater arts building is now! Times have changed!
My ELA class will cover Grammar, Writing, Literature/Reading, and everything in between! To my fine incoming scholars: Be prepared, be patient, have a positive attitude and an open mind! It will be a great year!


Homework Tuesday 1/7/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Lesson 20 Worksheet, page 74
Close Reader:  Read "My Friend Douglass" on pages 43-48. Do the annotations on pages 43, 44, and 45 ONLY, # 1-4.

Homework Monday 1/6/20

RHR Vocabulary:  Write a definition for each word on the handout.
Writing:  For the excerpt from Shakespeare's "To be, or not to be..." rewrite each line in your own words; what do you think each line is saying in simple "English."

Homework: Thursday 12/12/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Study for tomorrow's test.
Reading:  In your Collections (you have a book at home), read  from Narrrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave, pages 143-147. Answer questions 2, 4, and 5 on page 149. Be sure your answers are COMPLETE!

Homework: Tuesday 12/17/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Lesson 19 Worksheet: Bringing and Building, page 71
Reading: I Am Malala: Essay is due Thursday. It must be printed before class, so be sure to come in before school, during break, or lunch break before your class period if you need to print.

Homework: Monday 12/16/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Find a definition for each Vocabulary word and fill in the blanks on the handout given in class. Be sure your definition matches the POS.
Lessn 19 RHR: construe (v), deport (v), deportee (n), destructive (adj), export (v), import (v), instrumental (adj), obstruct (v), portable (adj), structural (adj)
I Am Malala: Work on the essay! It is due on Thursday!

Homework: Wednesday 12/11/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Study!!
Writing:  Performance Assessment Argumentative Essay will be written during class tomorrow. You will need your book (pages 12-20 need to be done!!). If you chose to make an outline for the essay on a separate paper instead of filling in page 20, be sure to bring it with you. You will use your book during the essay!
Poetry:   Complete the Christmas/Winter poem started in the Computer Lab today. Be sure to follow the guidelines! If you can't print at home, be sure to come to my room before class to get it printed!
Complete the "Comprehension: Understanding a Poem" paper. Be sure to look up unfamiliar words; their meanings will help you answer the questions at the bottom of the paper.

Homework: Tuesday 12/10/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Lesson 18 Worksheet.
Writing:  The Argumentative Essay about "staying in school" will be done in class on Thursday instead of tomorrow since you will be doing STAR Testing tomorrow in the Computer Lab. You need to have page 20 OR a handwritten outline for your essay on Wednesday to use in writing your essay.
I Am Malala:  Work on your Introductory paragraph, following the guidelines on the essay handout. Reminder: the essay is due next Thursday, 12/19.

Homework: Monday 12/9/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Lesson 18 words were given in class today; you need to look up a definition for each word.
Grammar:   Adjective Test is tomorrow! Be sure to study your notes AND the worksheets that have been returned.  Descriptive, Limiting, Pronouns as adjectives, and degrees of adjectives will be on the test.
Writing: Performance Assessment: On Wednesday, you will be writing your in-class argumentative essay using pages 12-20 in your PA book. Be sure you have completed all of these pages. Page 20 is the outline template; if you prefer to write your outline on a separate paper, that is fine. Make sure you have an outline and not a rough draft!

Homework: Thursday 12/5/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Lesson 17: Use 6-10 of your words in sentences OR a short story about winter or Christmas.
Performance Assessment:  Finish pages 18-19.

Homework: Wednesday 12/5/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Study your words/POS/Definitions
Grammar:  You will have a test on Adjectives next Tuesday. Be sure to review your Worksheets 
Writing: Performance Assessment:  1st and 3rd Period: Complete #2, 3 on page 16; 6th Period: Do all of page 16
I Am Malala:  You will be working on your Thematic Essay; if you didn't get the handout explaining the essay, you will receive it tomorrow. It will be due on Thursday 12/19.

Homework: Tuesday 12/3/19

RHR Vocabulary:  Complete the Lesson 17 Worksheet, page 63.
I Am Malala:  Choose a Theme Topic from the many that were listed on the board today. Write a theme statement: a sentence that gives the "message" of your chosen theme. For example, if you choose "Islam/Religion," you would write something like: "Religion can build up and religion can tear down." You only need the ONE sentence, nothing more! I have also posted the themes we listed today in class.

Homework: Monday 12/2/19

RHR Vocabulary: On the handout from today (words and POS were written on this in class), write a definition for each word. Be sure your definition matches the part of speech.
I Am Malala: Read and annotate the Epilogue.
PLEASE check the Grade Portal! If you are missing assignments or have incomplete grades, you can get these assignments in by Friday!!

Homework: Monday 11/25/19

No RHR Vocabulary this week.
Performance Assessment: Period 1: Read pages 14-15; do #1, 2 on page 15.   Periods 4 and 6: Read page 13: As you read, underline the claim you find (what "should" be done or take place according to the article? it is in the first part of the article), underline the counterargument (how does the article show that there could be disagreements with the claim), also underline at least 2 supportive details or "evidence" for the claim.
I Am Malala:  Finish reading chapter 22; annotate carefully.

Homework: Thursday 11/21/19

RHR Vocabulary:  TEST on Lesson 15 tomorrow.
Grammar:  Test tomorrow on Verb Tenses. You MAY use your notes!
I Am Malala:  Read Chapter 21. There will be a "summary" style quiz tomorrow on the chapter.

REMINDER! Picture Day is tomorrow, August 22, Thursday. Be prepared!