Measure I Passes - Thank you

November 5, 2020
Dear Vallecito Community,
       It is with overwhelming gratitude that I write this update today. The passage of Measure I on Tuesday gives our District’s facilities improvement efforts another huge boost and will allow us to continue efforts to improve and maintain our communities’ public schools. The replacement of our track and field at Avery Middle will not only provide a first class educational, athletic and recreational facility for our kids and community it will alleviate the need to pour thousands of gallons of precious water on the field. In addition, remaining money will help us finish what we started at Hazel Fischer and Michelson Schools. We can address the need for shade structures at both schools, some needed painting and other repairs at all schools. Although this bond was quite small in comparison to measure E it is just what is needed for us to finish the job.  Again, I cannot thank the voters in our district enough.
     I also want to convey to everyone how amazingly well school is going since we returned to full in-person learning. Even with some difficult rules and procedures I see wonderful teaching and learning each time I walk into a classroom. Our teachers and classified staff are to be commended for their fine organization and the plain hard work to make this run so smooth. On top of that our students have been amazing in their cooperation, excellent behavior and obvious enthusiasm for being back at school and I can’t neglect recognizing our parents with their support and cooperation in following our new pick up and drop off procedures. Together we are making this work at a very high level.
      In closing I am thankful and proud to be part of our educational community and to surrounded by people willing to work together for the success of all. There are not enough thanks to pass around for all that everyone is doing to make this work.
Jim Frost