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Welcome to the VUSD Transportation Department!

We are incredibly honored to provide students with safe, reliable transportation and staff with a safe and warm environment so they can be the best professional drivers they can be. We strive to provide excellent service by continually developing efficient systems of maintenance and communication to ensure students, families, and staff enjoy VUSD's transportation services throughout the school year.

Students coming off VUSD school bus  Students on a VUSD school bus

General Information

Students are assigned to a bus stop at the start of the school year and are expected to continue to use that stop unless arrangements are made with the school. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to designate the route home from the bus stop and discuss safety guidelines with their student.Whenever a student is going to change their bus stop such as going to a friend's house, they must have a note from home signed by the parent or guardian stating where they will be going. Students will not be allowed to change their destination unless we have a note, or in certain emergency cases, the parent may call. Students transported in a school bus shall be under the authority of, and responsible directly to the driver of the bus. Any student who violates the rules and regulations for the bus will have their privileges suspended.

  1. Students shall not conduct themselves in such a manner as to endanger themselves or others on the bus.

  2. Students shall not conduct themselves in such a manner as to distract the driver.

  3. Students shall not show rudeness or disrespect to the driver or others riding the bus

  4. Students will be shown the proper use of the seat belts and it is their responsibility to use them correctly

  5. Students shall not misuse the school's property or the personal property of others.

  6. Students shall not enter or leave the bus in an unsafe fashion.

  7. Students shall not conduct themselves at the bus stop in such a manner as to endanger themselves or others.

  8. Students shall not be allowed to bring onto the bus: glass containers, knives, live animals, reptiles, or any article that may be deemed a hazard by the bus driver

  9. Students shall not be allowed to ride to/from the bus stop or bring onto the bus: skateboards, scooters, or rollerblades unless approved by the Principal.

Students may be issued a written warning and a copy will be sent home to parents. Students shall be referred to the principal with a bus citation. The number and frequency of citations received determine the level of consequence. A student may decrease suspension time with 60 days of warning-free behavior. 

First Citation

Second Citation
Removed from all buses for 5 days

Third Citation
Removed from all buses for 10 days

Fourth Citation
Removed from all buses for 20 days

Fifth Citation
Loss of bus privileges for the school year

Other behaviors related to safety may be given disciplinary action at a higher level. Vandalism of the bus will result in loss of transportation privileges and possible restitution. 

We do not make the decision to close school lightly. We value learning and recognize the impact that canceling school has on our students and families. The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and families is a priority and heavily regarded in any decision to close schools. When a “snow day” or “inclement weather day” is called, it is done as early as possible (before 5:45 a.m. and sometimes earlier, including the night before in some cases).

Click the link below for more information on VUSD's Inclement Weather & Snow Day Protocol.