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Nutrition Services

Welcome to the Food & Nutrition Department!

We take great pride in creating menus that are both nutritious and appetizing for VUSD students. We strive to create seasonal menus that allow our students to experience a variety of new seasonal foods. We pride ourselves on having the best quality food choices that are freshly prepared by our kitchen staff. 

We believe in the commitment to providing a positive learning environment that advocates considerate, responsible, and emotionally healthy behaviors. Nutrition wellness is a key component of this pursuit.

General Information

Our program follows the nutritional requirements of the National School Lunch Program which is operated and audited by our State and Federal governments. Our program meets the nutritional standards set forth by the State of California  Department of Education, and Federal guidelines.

We encourage eligible families to apply for the lunch program as it provides free and excellent nutrition for your student and assists us with funding! 

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Students Eating Lunch  Students eating lunch