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Facilities & Maintenance

Welcome to the VUSD Facilities & Maintenance Department!

The Facilities & Maintenance Department is proud to have the opportunity to impact our schools and community. We are passionate to maintain and improve all of our facilities to their highest potential creating an environment for the students and staff to feel safe, proud, and welcome. We strive to provide excellent service at our schools to ensure our students have the best experience possible while at Vallecito School District.

Maintenance department staff   Maintenance department staff standing in front of truck

General Information

The Facilities and Maintenance Department is responsible for the creation of physical environments that encourage successful teaching and lifelong learning, providing a preventive maintenance program, the planning, and implementation of the District's Master Plan, grounds upkeep, and custodial services.

Additionally, the department oversees the construction and renovation of the district's facilities. Construction services include overseeing the planning, new construction, major renovations, modernizations, and repair projects.