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Mr. Weidmann

Hi, I'm Mr. Weidmann. Math is cool, but middle school students are cooler. I coach basketball and am in charge of the Leadership program at Avery. 
If you have any problems, please give me a call, (209) 840-9825. 
8th Grade Team 
Eliot Burita
Brody Burita
Liam Gouveia
Trey Jarnagin
Damian Jordan
Walker Mauer
7th Grade A Team
Keegan Arvin
Jakob Bouma
Gyver Crawford
Trent Dorsey
Nikeli Heinle
Camden Johnson
Jefferson Porras
Jack Trent
Eli Weidmann
Noah Wright
Renner Young
7th Grade B Team
Trace Bowers
Jack Lanihan
Mason Johnson
Milad Parsa
Calibe Silliman
Neko Valentine
Practice this week: 
Monday 11/18 (7th A and 8th): 4:30-6:30
Tuesday 11/19 (7th A and 8th): 3:00-4:30
I'm finding a coach for the 7th B Team and will get a practice schedule out to everyone next week. 


Wednesday HW

1st Period: NO HW
2nd and 7th Period: Study for Retest
3rd Period: NO HW
4th Period: Negative Scientific Notation WS
6th Period: Finish Finance Project  ( Due Friday )

Tuesday HW

1st Period: P. 12 #1-9  & P. 13 #20-26
2nd and 7th Period: Finish your Test Corrections  (Retake test tomorrow)
3rd Period: NO HW  (test tomorrow)
4th Period: Scientific Notation WS
6th Period: Life Project 

Monday HW

No HW in most classes. 
3rd Period: P. 586-587 #1-20
6th Period: Finance Project

Friday HW

No HW for Periods 1, 2, 4, and 7. 
3rd Period- P. 584 #11-23 odd
6th Period: Work on Life Project (Due next Friday)

Thursday HW

No HW in any classes except 4th Period. 
4th Period HW: WS 4.8 (Division and Exponents) Quiz tomorrow. 

Weekend HW

1st Period: NO HW
2nd and 7th Period: Add/Sub. Negative Fractions WS
3rd Period: Prepare Transformation WS
4th Period: NO HW
6th Period: NO HW