Ed Martin Track and Field at AMS Open to the Public

The all-weather track and field located on the Avery Middle School campus was dedicated to Ed Martin, retired teacher and long-time proponent of school sports for students, in the spring of 2022.  The $1.7 million dollar track was completed in the fall of 2021 after community members voted overwhelming to pass “Measure I” in 2020.

The synthetic turf field and track are used regularly during the school year by our students as part of the PE standards taught in 6th-8th grade.  The track is also featured in the spring during county track meets hosted by our school sites.

The District has several youth sport leagues that coordinate to use the facility at no charge.  Youth soccer and youth baseball leagues can be found practicing on the field all seasons (when there isn’t snow covering it). 

Additionally, the community is welcome to use the facility during non-school hours, weekends and during summer and holiday breaks.  The track is truly inspirational and motivating for individuals working out.  For runners, 5 ¼ laps around the track is equivalent to 1 mile.  We invite the public to come use this amazing amenity during open hours.  Please be aware the field is not accessible during school hours or between sunset and sunrise.

We ask all visitors to follow the posted rules that will keep this amenity beautiful for years to come.


  • Animals                                              
  • Unauthorized vehicles                                  
  • Long track spikes
  • Chewing gum                                     
  • Skateboards                                                   
  • Steel baseball cleats
  • Sunflower seeds                                 
  • Shot put                                                           
  • Tobacco products
  • Golfing                                                 
  • Discus or javelin throwing                           
  • Bicycles