Schools and Governor's Stay at Home Order

Dear Vallecito Community,
Since the Governor's press conference on Thursday, we have had many questions about the District's schools remaining open.  We received the following clarification from the Calaveras County Office of Education:
Schools that are currently open will remain open, even if the county moves to a more restricted stay at home order.  

During the Governor’s press conference Thursday in which he announced his new Regional Stay at Home Order, the California Department of Public Health posted the following written summary of the Order. Schools “already open for in-person instruction” are allowed to remain open. The new guidance posted at 12:43 PM Thursday can be found here:

Your continued observance of our re-opening guidelines including masking and distancing requirements and keeping your student home when he/she is sick is greatly appreciated.  We know the importance and effectiveness of in-person instruction and we work in partnership with our families to create a safe and effective learning environment.