Message from Superintendent Jim Frost

Dear Parents and Vallecito Community,
      I want to extend my sincere thanks for the flexibility our entire school community displayed during the recent power shut downs by PG&E. This was an event with which we had little experience and thus had no real established procedures or any way of knowing the duration and the number of power outages we would experience. We were able to successfully navigate this experience due to your cooperation, understanding and good humor. Thank you all!
      We are currently experiencing a bit of a crisis in the area of transportation. We are in critical need of bus drivers. As it now stands we are in jeopardy of losing our ski program and many other field trips not because we lack funds our vehicles to transport the children. We simply do not have enough bus drivers. If you know anyone that maybe interested in obtaining their school bus driving licence and a job in school transportation please contact the Bret Harte Transportation office at 736-2067. This would provide a real service to the students of our district.
       Today we had a group of contractors do a bid walk at Avery Middle School to get a clear understanding of our heat and air needs at the school. Several contractors participated and will submit bids on the 3rd of December where we will host a bid opening. The Board will approve the successful contractor at their regular meeting on December 11th. We will also be hearing contractor proposals by our committee for contractors to provide a turf field at Avery Middle School and resurface our track. If things go as planned we will also have the committee recommendation for that project approved by the Board on the 11th. The projects for Hazel Fischer and Michelson are still in the approval process at the Department of State Architect. The approval process for these projects is more lengthy as they are more involved and complex projects. When we get approved plans we will move forward with the process of identifying the contractor to complete these projects. 
     Thank you again for your involvement and participation with our students and school district. 
Jim Frost