8th Grade

Dates to Remembers
  • April 25th - 1st graduation installment payment due back in the school office.
  • April 25th - Diploma/Graduation program form due back in the school office. 
  • April 25th - Great America permission slip due back in the school office. 
  • May 6th - 8th Grade warning day for those students who may not be able to walk at graduation due to low grades 
  • May 10th - Celebration of Learning
  • May 18th - 8th Grade cut off day for eligibility for walking at graduation. 
  • May 23rd - All library books and library fees are due.
  • May 23rd - 2nd graduation installment due in school office.
  • May 23rd - Graduation practice begins during school hours, please try not to  miss this. 
  • May 25th - Chromebook turn in day.
  • May 27th - Great America Trip
  • May 31st - Awards Night 6-7pm
  • June 2nd - Graduation 6:30-7:30pm
To All 8th Grade Parents:
The cost of graduation this year will be $100 per student. This will cover the graduation gown, decorations for the the graduation stage and diplomas, various awards, and other necessary expenses. The first installment of $50 is due on April 25th, 2022. The second installment of $50 will be due May 23rd. 2022. You may, of course, make the entire payment by April 25th. For those who already have a gown, the total will be $75. Students should bring their payments directly to the office, where the payment will be logged. We take check, cash or money order, and we do not carry change in the office. Make checks payable to Avery Middle School. 
An item of discussion at the graduation meeting will pertain to the student's attire. Parents are asked to keep in mind that this is an 8th grade graduation, not a high school prom. The girl's attire should be kept as simple dresses suitable for 13 and 14-year old girls; boys should dress in slacks (no jeans), shirt and tie. Chauffeured limousine service is strongly discouraged along with corsages, boutonnieres, and flower bouquets. 
Graduation committees will be formed at the 1st graduation meeting. If you are interested in helping on any of the graduation committees, please call the office for more information. 
8th Grade Graduation Requirements
In order for students to participate in the graduation ceremony the student must meet the following:
Academic requirement:
  1. Students must complete 8th grade courses in Social Science, Science, Language Arts, Reading, Math, and Physical Education with a 1.75 cumulative GPA over the three trimesters of 8th grade. 
  2. In the third trimesters, students may have no more than one F in the above mentioned subjects. 
  3. Participation in the Celebration of Learning Interview.
  4. Alternative Individual Education Plans (I.E.P.) and 504 Plans may specify alternative promotion and graduation standards. 
Behavior Requirement:
  1. No expulsion for offenses occurring during 8th grade. 
  2. No more than 10 days of suspension during 8th grade. This includes an accumulation of detentions and referrals during 8th grade with three detention's equivalent to one day of suspension and one day of bus suspension equivalent to one detention. 
  3. Students who participate in actions that would result in suspensions/expulsions during graduation practice may be excluded from graduation exercises, activities, and /or ceremonies. 
Attendance Requirement:
  1. In order for students to participate in the graduation ceremony, students must be present for 90% of the school year. No more than 18 days can be missed with the exception of a medical situation requiring a doctor's note. 
  1. Students must have no outstanding obligations. All textbooks, library books and team uniforms must be turned in. All fees must be paid in full. 
Exceptions, due to special circumstances, may be granted only through an appeal to the VUSD Governing Board.