Ski Program

The Vallecito Union School District Snow Sports Educational Program provides all Avery students an opportunity to participate in up to four full-day trips to Bear Valley Mountain Resort this year. This program is designed to provide students with a unique opportunity to gain new skills that will last a lifetime. 

The Snow Sports Program is coordinated and operated by school staff. Classroom teachers will oversee students during the “class time” away from school. The skiing or snowboarding classes the students attend at Bear Valley constitute the class curriculum for the day. 

This program is approved by the Board of Education on the condition that it maintains a self-supporting status. Lift tickets, lessons and rentals are provided at very favorable rates by Bear Valley. Thank you for your continuing support of this worthwhile program.



All forms for lessons, tickets, and equipment rental for ALL the ski dates must be turned in by December 2nd, 2022 to the front office. Even if you are not sure if your student is going to participate in the program, fill out the paperwork just in case. Once the season has started, students tend to change their mind about going and then it is too late to participate. 


Students who own their own equipment will still need to fill out an BV Equipment Rental Form (Blue) in case of equipment failure or boots being too small.


Please make sure all necessary forms are FULLY completed. Incomplete forms must be returned which delays completion of the application.



Each participating student MUST have either an adequate family medical insurance plan or you may purchase the student insurance that was offered to students at the beginning of the school year. (Click on link below for form) Students will not be permitted to participate without insurance. Medi-flight insurance is also available through the Bear Valley Office. You may contact them if you are interested.
January 18th Wednesday Payment Due January 10th
February 1st Wednesday Payment Due January 24th
February 15th Wednesday Payment Due February 7th
March 1st Wednesday Payment due February 21st
March 8th Wednesday (Make-up day if needed)  


Payments are due exactly one week prior to each ski day. You must write four different checks, one for each trip. If you turn in all four checks at one time, please be sure to date each check according to each separate payment due date. The checks for each trip will be deposited just prior to the ski day. Checks should be made payable to Avery Middle School.

Please note that if money is not turned in by the designated money turn in day, students will not participate.



Financial assistance might be available although partial payment may be required. Arrangements must be handled through the school secretary in the Avery Middle School Office 209-795-8520.

$15.00 per day
Lift Tickets $15.00 per day
Ski & Snowboard Rental $15.00 per day
Transportation $5.00 per day


  • Lift ticket, Equip. Rental, & Lesson = $45 + $5 transportation fee = $50
  • Lift ticket, & Lesson = $30 + $5 transportation fee = $35
  • Equip. Rental & Lesson = $30 + $5 transportation fee = $35
  • Lesson only = $15 + $5 transportation fee = $20

Students who have their own season lift passes do not need to buy a lift ticket. Those who have their own equipment do not have to rent. Equipment packages include skis, boots and poles or snowboards, boots, helmets and wrist-guards. You must rent the complete package. No partial packages are rented. 



Ski helmets (cannot be bike helmets or any other sport helmet) are required for all students. Ski helmets are included in the ski package if students are renting from Bear Valley. Students that bring their own equipment and do not have a ski helmet must rent one at Bear Valley for $5. Payment for the helmet is paid directly at the rental office at Bear Valley, not in the check for Avery Middle School.


The program is intended for all AMS students. Participating students must meet the District’s eligibility requirements for behavior as described below. 


At School - Students who misbehave at school may not be eligible for the Snow Sports Program. The principal, in consultation with teachers, will make the final decision whether a student will be permitted to participate. 

In the Snow Sports Program - Lack of cooperation during participation of the program (e.g., misbehavior on the bus, not following Resort rules, missing lessons, misbehavior during lessons, missing check-in times, not following AMS snow sports contract, etc.) may result in being suspended from the Snow Sports Program.



A school district bus will leave Avery Middle School by 8:30 AM and will return to school between 5:00 and 5:30 PM. Every participating student must ride the bus TO Bear Valley. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Students may ride home with parents if prior arrangements have been made with the school and the teacher in charge has a written note PRIOR TO EACH TRIP. Parents must be at AMS when the bus arrives back at 5:00 PM.

Parents who plan to transport a student other than their own MUST have a Verification of Insurance on file in the office. The teachers in charge must also have written consent for such provided transportation from the parent or guardian FOR EACH TRIP. No exceptions. 


Students MUST REPORT TO SCHOOL for check-in. Check-in is in the gym. If the program is cancelled due to weather conditions, the regular school day will resume. Sometimes the decision to cancel can not be made until 8:30 AM. Please DO NOT call school before 8:00 AM to find out if the program is cancelled. Students must come to school prepared for both, to go to Bear Valley and for a regular school day. 


There are no provisions to take students home from school. The Snow Sports Program bus will not make stops along Highway 4. 


All students are encouraged to participate. If there is a medical or personal reason that your student cannot participate, he or she will have a regular school day and must attend. 



Students may pay for a bag lunch at school or bring a bag lunch from home. All school lunches must be ordered three days before the ski trip. Food is also available for purchase at the mountain, around $20 for lunch. 


Many layers are better than one for functional warmth. Students MUST have gloves and sunglasses/goggles or will be required to remain at school. This is a safety issue. Sunscreen is strongly recommended, especially later in the season. Some ski clothing is available through the school. Students can see Mrs. Doyle (6th) or Mrs. Henri (7th & 8th) as needed.