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Re-Opening Information

Arrival and dismissal will look different this year than it has in the past. Please do not get out of your car during arrival or dismissal; I’ll be there to help. For drop-off and pick-up, we'll be using a carousel format in the parking lot. For drop-off in the morning, I'll be in the parking lot to greet students as they arrive and to help coordinate as parents get familiar with the new system. We'll also have other staff members in the parking lot, outside, in the entrances, and in the halls to help guide students to where they need to go. For pick-up, teachers will be close to the front office with their classes. All the students being picked up by car will be lined up safely on the dots that are distanced 6 feet apart. I’ll be standing under the sequoia tree in the parking lot to call students out to their cars to send them off. After a couple of days, this should be very efficient and allow us to try to start and end each school day on a positive note.

Additional custodial time has been allocated to Hazel Fischer. Our custodial staff has a plan to clean and disinfect frequently-touched surfaces at school at least daily, and as practicable. Frequently touched surfaces include, but are not limited to:

  • Door handles
  • Light switches
  • Sink handles
  • Bathroom surfaces
  • Tables
  • Students desks
  • Chairs
Classroom cleaning will include daily trash pickup and the following schedules:
  • Monday: Wiping down all hard surfaces in the classroom
  • Tuesday: Vacuum and fogging of classroom
  • Wednesday: Wiping down all hard surfaces in the classroom
  • Thursday: Vacuum and fogging of classroom
  • Friday: Wiping down all hard surfaces and fogging of classroom 
Sanitizing Breakfast/lunch tables & play structure & play equipment times:
Before school and after each group eats and plays, the breakfast/lunch tables and the play equipment will be sanitized. Gaps were scheduled between the groups eating/playing to allow the custodial staff time to disinfect the items that may have been touched.

Like last year, school is from 8:00-2:00 on regular days and 8:00-12:00 on minimum days, except TK is from 10:00-2:00 for regular days and 10:00-12:00 on minimum days. The break times below are different to allow for ample spacing outside:

It is really important that students do not arrive any earlier than 7:45 a.m. this year.
During the first few days of school, students will stay in their classrooms rather than going outside to play or eat breakfast between 7:45-8:00 a.m. This is simply to give the teachers and me time to review the new rules and expectations with all the students and to ensure we’re keeping everyone safe when they play and eat breakfast at the tables before school starts each morning. After the first couple of days, play areas will be divided for before-school play (between 7:45-8:00 a.m.) by cohort to help isolate each of our classes to the greatest extent practicable while still having an area to have fun.

Students in grades 3-5 are required to wear masks. Students in grades TK-2 are strongly encouraged to wear masks. In Mrs. Pelland’s 2/3 split class, all students will be required to wear a mask. We will be incentivizing all students to wear masks and maintain distance to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

All staff members have received a kit of personal protective equipment including masks, shield, hand sanitizer, and other items to prevent the spread of Covid-19. All staff members are required to wear a mask or shield.

Classrooms will use assigned bathrooms, stalls, sinks, etc. to avoid cross-contamination.

Food cannot be shared at all at this time, even for celebrations.

Teaching manipulatives such as Unifix cubes, base ten blocks, etc., will be individually bagged for each student and will not be part of a communal bin. Students will be responsible for keeping these items in their desks and using them as instructed.

Clean and used bins will be utilized to separate used items from clean items and disinfected daily.

Water fountains will not be in use but cups will be available. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle from home and to fill it as needed. Water bottles may be kept at the desk. Students will be encouraged to take their water bottles outside to recess.

Mrs. Jess will have a see-through barrier to protect her from the public.

Backpacks will be placed on the back of the classroom chairs and not on outside hooks.

Continuing in-person learning is going to require a big effort from everyone. It’s absolutely critical that you do not send your child to school if she/he is experiencing any signs of possible sickness. Students exhibiting any symptoms of cold, flu, or other illness, will be sent home immediately. This includes:

● Fever
● Cough
● Chills
● Fatigue
● Muscle Pain
● Headache
● Sore throat
● Congestion or Running nose
● Nausea or vomiting
● Diarrhea
● New loss of taste or smell

Students must be kept at home until symptoms clear. Students exhibiting symptoms of illness are excused.

We’ll keep the desks at least 6-feet apart and facing in the same direction and/or we will use plexiglass shields for separation when 6-feet isn’t feasible to maintain.
Excess furniture was removed from classrooms.
Walkway markers will indicate appropriate spacing for students to line up as they move through hallways and corridors. Carpet markers for primary grades will be placed on the classroom floor, indicating where children may be seated to achieve social distancing.

Students in all grades will be shown this age-appropriate health and safety slideshow. This includes explicit teaching of protocols for hand sanitizing, temperature checking, lunch protocols, and playground activities. General health information such as how to sneeze into the elbow, hand washing, and keeping hands away from the face and mouth is also discussed.

Students will be shown a Google slideshow of playground rules, including social distancing. Students will be encouraged to walk and run on the track and play unstructured activities such as hopscotch, shadow tag, chalk art, individual ball play, running obstacle courses, or other activities that do not require cross-contamination of play equipment. The play structure will be disinfected after each break. Play equipment will be sanitized after each break by yard duty staff. Shields and masks will be required unless students are able to stay 6 feet apart. Students who are outside playing and maintaining a distance of at least six feet from others will not be required to wear a mask.

Initially, all school sites in VUSD, including Hazel Fischer, will be restricted to staff and students only. This policy will be reviewed once infection stability has been determined in the community and will be changed in consultation with the Calaveras County Public Health Department.

Students and families are encouraged to ensure their students have their required items they need for the school day when they arrive at school. Dropping off items forgotten at home is no longer an option for the time being. Any student that forgets their lunch will be provided one at no charge. Families picking up students for off-site appointments will be required to follow specific re-entry procedures.

If a visitor or service provider, must visit the site in person, the following protocols are in place.
● Pre-arrange for the appointment with the person being visited.
● Complete pre-screening measures at home.
● Approved visitors must check in through the main office.
● Sanitize hands upon entry.
● Wear a face covering at all times while at the campus.
● Comply with social distancing norms.

Will be required to follow the visitor protocols.

All parent meetings, including Parent Club, will be held virtually to the best extent possible.

Please subscribe to our school calendar or bookmark it as a favorite. It is also available on our school website.