Technology Department

Technology Services

The Department of Technology Services is a service department for Vallecito Union School District. The role of the department is to provide technical support, application support and network services. These roles encompass the following areas: 

  • Telecommunications - phones and integration with District services. 
  • Internet Access - Network/Internet Connectivity. 
  • Help Desk - Desktop Support, Application Support, and Network Support. 


The Department of Technology Services’ mission is to “lead by example” in all technology activities, especially in areas of design, delivery and utilization. This method ensures: 

  • Timely support for instructional and administrative computing 
  • Technical complexity is removed from end-users 
  • District standards are maintained 
  • Security is established 
  • Training is delivered 
  • Automation of systems is managed to increase productivity

Providing unparalleled service, comprehensive communication, and efficient use of resources while empowering students and staff to achieve maximum potential in the achievement of a vision of optimized instruction, maximizing student learning and achievement while promoting life-long learning, and ensuring proficiency and accuracy. 

Instructional Technology Goals

  • Students will use technology to seek, organize, and communicate information and ideas 
  • Students will use technology to reach academic and individual goals 
  • Students will use technology to promote creative potential, solve problems, and create products 
  • Students will be able to evaluate technology and use technology ethically 
  • Students will develop life-long technology skills

Administrative Technology Goals

  • To gather, correlate, and evaluate data to make sound academic and business decisions in support of learning 
  • To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative functions that support learning. 
  • To enhance communication 
  • To research and evaluate emerging technologies and resources to provide quality education for all students