Annual Notifications

Vallecito Union School District is required by state law, Education Code and Board Policy

to provide employees with the following annual notifications and requires a signed

acknowledgement that such notifications were received and read.


Step 1:    Click on the links provided and review the material.


Step 2:    Print the Annual Notification Letter (right column)

                   Print your name, sign, date

                   Return to Cheryl at the District Office  



Employee Notifications
Child Abuse Reporting 

Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace

Employee Acceptable Use Policy

Employee Assistance Program


Employee Complaint Process

BP 4144 / 4244 / 4344

Employees with Infectious Disease

Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens

Hazardous Substances


Professional Standards

Reasonable Accommodation
Sexual Harassment

Tobacco Free Schools

Unauthorized Release of Confidential/Privileged Information

Uniform Complaint Procedure

Universal Precautions

Work Related Injuries

403(b) Plan Notice

see form in right column