Mrs. Cooper's Second Grade

Welcome to Second Grade!
Welcome to Mrs. Cooper's Class!
You can visit our Classroom Google Site at:
If you haven't already done so, please join our Google Classroom. You will find directions for joining our Google Classroom in your inbox. If you have any questions about joining our Google Classroom, please email me at
During this time of distance-learning, I will place packets of work for your child outside the school each Friday at 1:00pm. The work will be due each Friday when you come to pick up the next week's packet. Our Google Classroom will provide supplemental materials, resources and instruction to help make distance-learning successful for your child. 
Additionally, please visit the links I provided in the sidebar for more ideas on supporting your child's learning at home. If I can help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact me. 
*Suggestions for setting up a work at home environment*
  • Have your student set up a dedicated learning space and’ calm body’ spot at home.
  • Work with your student to create a daily schedule that works for your family.
  • Have your child write/draw their own schedule and post it in your home.
  •  If you would like, send pictures of your child’s work space/completed work to your teacher to stay connected!
  • Don’t feel pressure to have your student cover EVERY subject every day!
Photo of Mrs. Cooper

Scholastic has free at-home cross-curricular learning! Click on your grade level for 20 days of activities!

Use Newslea to read about current events and history.

Explore the USA on the kids National Geographic website

Listen to Eat Your Spanish podcast

Research a topic with a non-fiction book.

Interview a family member. Prepare a list of questions beforehand and record their answers.

Create a family tree or family history timeline.
Listen to books at Storyline online.

Listen or read a variety of books online with EPIC! Our class code is qhn0169

Listen to a Reading Bug Podcast.

Snuggle up with a book as a family!

Have your child read a book aloud to a stuffy, a sibling, or on a phone call to a family member or friend!
Download/print or create your own ‘Comic Book Paper’

Write a comic about a child who is starting homeschooling.

Write a comic about a child who wakes up with super powers.

Visit Spelling City and choose a spelling or vocabulary game to play

Write a letter to a neighbor, family member, classmate or community member!

Look outside and write a poem based on what you see

Write about a time you were brave.

Write about a time when something unexpected happened.

Write about a time when you were flexible.

Write about a favorite memory.

Facetime or call a classmate or friend and read them what you’ve been writing!